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Appliance Repair Tips: How To Know When To Replace Or Repair Appliance

When it comes to old and broken appliances, the option to replace is often the best one. However, it is common for appliances to break down before they are ready to be retired. This makes the decision to repair or replace much harder to make.

Buying new appliances can be quite costly; to ensure that you don’t end up spending more than you need to, read the tips below to know when to replace or repair an appliance.

Confirm That It’s Broken

Before you get to the point of choosing between repairing and replacing an appliance it’s important to confirm that it’s not working. Faulty electrical circuits can cause you to think that an appliance is broken and therefore lead you to spend unnecessary dollars. As such, it is recommended that you confirm whether an appliance is broken by first checking the connected power socket, connecting cable, circuit breakers and other parts for damage.  A washer is always one of the appliances that need a repair; make sure to get the trusted washer service for this.


Warranties provide for free repair service or free parts. Where an appliance’s warranty is still valid, it might be cheaper to take it in for repairs instead of replacing it altogether. Be sure to remember that some warranties can even be extended for future cover.

Life Span

Appliances have a useful life period. The longer you use an appliance the closer it moves towards its unavoidable death. Once an appliance is past its useful life date, it is operating on borrowed time; and should be replaced once it breaks down.  Be sure to check major appliances for these, like ovens. It is better to know if you just need an oven repairman or a replacement for it.

Additionally, the 50-50 rule states that once a broken appliance is past the half way point of its useful life, and fixing it costs 50% or more of the replacement cost, replacement is the best option.

The decision to repair or replace an appliance once its broken can be quite tricky, however with the above tips in mind you will have an easier time deciding if you just need an appliance repair Houston.

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